Internationales Hauptseminar Mobilkommunikation

Every year in June, the Institute of Telecommunications of the TU Vienna (Prof. Rupp, Prof. Mecklenbräuker), the Communication Technology Laboratory of the ETH Zurich (Prof. Wittneben), the Methods of Signal Processing institute (Prof. Utschick, Prof. Nossek) of the TU Munich are hosting a seminar on up to date topics concerning communications and signal processing for students from the three faculties.

The students (4 to 6 from each faculty) get the opportunity to prepare their semester project or master thesis for the other participants and present it within a seminar talk. On three Fridays in June, the seminar takes place in the three Cities Vienna, Munich, and Zurich. The students of the host University present their work while the guest students are cordially invited to attend.

Following the tradition in the respective evenings there will be a joint dinner. During these dinners the students of the different Universities can get to know each other in a casual atmosphere. This enables the students to get interesting insights into the research groups of other excellent universities. Furthermore they get the opportunity to socialize and build an international network in a working field of high scientific and economic significance.

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If you are interested to participate in this seminar, please send your application to (T.B.A.). We are looking forward to welcoming highly motivated and open-minded students, who are working enthusiastically in the field of mobile communication and are keen on daring a glance over the borders of the ETH.


The institute will cover the expenses for the journey and the hotel stay.

For further information on the seminar please contact us.

Seminar group photo, Zurich 2019 (click to enlarge)