Communication Systems

5th Semester, D-ITET, 6 credits

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Prof. Dr. Armin Wittneben

Teaching Assistants
Dr. Gregor Dumphart

Exercises: Wednesday, 08:15-10:00, ML F 39 (or via live stream)
Lecture: Wednesday, 10:15-11:55, ML F 39 (or via live stream)

Generally, the course aims at providing a broad overview over the lower two layers of the OSI stack to all students irrespective of their specialization. Moreover, students pursuing a specialization in communications shall be enabled to identify topics they personally consider to be interesting for further studies. The Master's program of the department offers various lectures which deepen the understanding of many topics covered in this introductory lecture.

Handouts and Problem Sets
Handouts and problem sets are available HERE (password required).


Course "Communication Systems"
1a. Background and Preview
1b. Random Processes
2. Baseband Pulse Transmission
3. Signal Space Analysis
4. Passband Digital Transmission I
5. Passband Digital Transmission II
6. Passband Digital Transmission III
7. Multiuser Radio Communications
8. Information Theory I
9. Information Theory II
10. Data Link Layer I
11. Data Link Layer II
12. Multiple Access I
13. Multiple Access II
14. Summary

Basics from signal- und system theory, linear algebra and probability theory.


It is not necessary to purchase these books, as the handouts are self-contained. The book by Tanenbaum is available online through the ETH library. The book by Haykin is out of print. We have a number of volumes at our disposal however and are happy to lend them to you. Just contact the teaching assistants.

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