Positioning in wireless communications systems introduction and overview


Stephan Sand, Christian Mensing, and Armin Dammann


Proceedings 18th Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) Meeting, Espoo, Finnland, June 2007, (invited paper).

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This paper gives an introduction and overview on communications system based and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) based navigation. We first explain navigation principles for timing measurements. Starting from the physical layer model of a mobile communications or navigation receiver, we highlight similarities and differences between the two receivers. We explain navigation principles for timing measurements and present the possible navigation accuracies of different communications systems and GNSSs. Finally, we examine synergies of combined receivers and systems.


Localization, Positioning, Navigation, OFDM, CDMA, Synchronization, TDOA, TOA, Hybrid Data Fusion, Location Based Procedures, Terrestrial Mobile Communications, UMTS, 4G, GNSS, GPS, Galileo

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