Analysis and Optimization of Connection Availabilities in Optical Networks with Different Protection Strategies


Ling Zhou, Marcel Held, and Lena Wosinska


Proc. SPIE Vol. 5465,, Reliability of Optical Fiber Components, Devices, Systems, and Networks II, pp. 157-167, Sept. 2004.

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This work is motivated by interest in analyzing and optimizing availability of optical networks under different protection strategies. Methodology dealing with availability calculation, protection strategies, spare capacity, redundancy and sensitivity analysis is described. A case study calculates the availability of all connections within a long haul US-network using three protection strategies: path protection, span protection and protection-cycles. The distributions of connection down time of the three protection strategies are given. The availability optimization potential is estimated based on analysis of its sensitivity on reliability input data. Advantages and disadvantages of each strategy are compared from the availability and spare capacity requirement points of view.

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