Contribution to Book Chapter and White Paper: New Radio Interfaces for Short Range Communications


Thomas Zasowski, Frank Althaus, and Armin Wittneben


(i) Chapter in 10th Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) Meeting, New York, USA, Oct. 2003; (ii) Chapter in Technologies For The Wireless Future: Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF), ISBN: 0470012358, Oct. 2004.

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Given the importance of short range communication systems in the overall landscape of wireless communication networks, the intent of this paper is to present key technologies to be explored to fulfil the 'needs' in terms of wireless connections capabilities, as well as most up-to-date research results in the area. The contribution made by the Wireless Communications Group deals with the topics Wireless Body Area Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks.


Short range wireless communications, Local Area Networks, Personal Area Networks, Body Area Networks, Sensor Networks

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