The Cooperative Revolution in Wireless


It is hard to avoid wireless devices today. Just think about how you stay in touch with your loved ones when abroad, how your laptop computer connects to the Internet, how you open your car or garage, how you exchange mp3 files between mobile phones, how the satellite navigation systems work, how you pass through the gates of a skilift, how you monitor you heart rate when working out and how you enter ETH at after-hours (if you ever have this weird intention).

As you see, we worked hard and now everything is known in wireless ... but wait a moment!


As a student you definitely love open-air concerts. So you may have experienced yourself what has long been known in social sciences: the behaviour of large groups (networks) changes radically if the node density exceeds a critical threshold. What happens beyond this threshold – fun, smooth flow, chaos – depends on the amount of cooperation between the nodes involved.


What is true for humans also holds for wireless networks. With cooperation between the nodes in dense network we can achieve performance improvements, that challenge conventional wisdom. Cooperative wireless is a new paradigm in wireless communication and the work of our group is focused on this area. We are pushing the frontiers of wireless communication in terms of low power/low cost (sensor networks), size (nano-networks) and performance (Gigabit wireless) by exploiting cooperation on the Physical layer and the MAC layer and by ultra-wideband operation.


If you want to be part of the cooperative revolution, you will enjoy the following list of available Master- and Student Project. Make your choice, rush to the respective supervisor and get started before somebody else is faster than you. But relax, if you are too late we are always happy to come up with new topics that perfectly suit your interests. Just ask.

Master & Semester Projects:

Available Master Theses & Semester Projects

Please have a look on our currently available projects. If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to visit us for discussing your ideas. Are you interested or do you have questions? Please contact the respective supervisor or Dr. Marc Kuhn.

Title Supervisor
Analytic Investigation and Approaches to Certain Problems in Wireless Indoor Localization Gregor Dumphart
Experimental Performance Evaluation of a Wireless Indoor Localization Scheme Robert Heyn, Gregor Dumphart

Ongoing Master Theses & Semester Projects

Title Supervisor Student Project
Realization and Calibration of a Real-Time Wireless 3D Localization System based on Magnetic Fields Gregor Dumphart, Henry Schulten, Christoph Sulser Bharat Bhatia Master Project
Cooperative Brodcasting for Tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Dr. Marc Kuhn, Dr. Tim Rüegg
David Schmutz Master Project

Completed Diploma/Master Theses & Semester Projects