Semester Thesis

Real Time Localization Demonstrator

Localization Demonstrator

Ultra Wideband (UWB) for communication purposes is a relatively new research topic, which is also of big interest for the industry. In UWB systems short pulses of a few hundert pico-seconds are transmitted. Therefore, such systems use a large bandwidth of several GHz.

UWB is very well suited for localization purposes. Due to the very short pulse duration very precise positioning is possible. In this work a localization demonstrator should be set up. As receiver we will use a real time sampling oscilloscope with several antennas. Running a localization algorithm on the oscilloscope real time localization can be done.

Subject area Ultra Wideband, Positioning
Type of work 40% Theory, 40% Software, 20% Measurements
Supervisor Dr. Frank Althaus
Professor Prof. Dr. Armin Wittneben