Diploma Thesis/ Semester Thesis

Temporal Cognitive MAC for Ultra Wideband (UWB) Communication

WLAN Burst in Time Domain

Ultra Wideband (UWB) for communication purposes is a relatively new research topic, which is also of big interest for the industry. In UWB systems short pulses of a few hundert pico-seconds are transmitted. Therefore, such systems use a large bandwidth of several GHz.

In a project together with a global acting company we will use UWB for communication close to the human body.

Since UWB devices are only allowed to transmit with very low energy, interference issues are very important. Especially co-located devices (e.g. GSM) can cause severe interferences. In [1] we presented a method how to cope with bursty narrowband interference. Since such interferers transmit their data burstwise UWB transmission between adjacent interferer burst is proposed.

In this work the concept proposed in [1] shall be refined.

[1] Thomas Zasowski, Frank Althaus, and Armin Wittneben "Temporal Cognitive UWB Medium Access in the Presence of Multiple Strong Signal Interferers", 14th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit, Dresden, June 2005.

Subject area Ultra Wideband, Body Area Networks, Channel Measurements
Type of work 40% Theory, 40% Simulation, 20% Measurements
Advisor Dr. Thomas Zasowski
Professor Prof. Dr. Armin Wittneben