Wintersemester 2005/2006

Basic Evaluation of IEEE 802.11e to Support Quality of Service

Nowadays WLANs are widespread and given lots of considerations. As WLANs are optimized for data, Quality of Service (QoS) support in real-time traffic is one of the main challenges in this field. The latest WLAN Medium Access Control (MAC) standard IEEE 802.11e introduces new features like providing different priorities, fully controlled channel access and direct link to support QoS requirements for real-time traffics.

In this work the WLAN MAC standard IEEE 802.11e is studied and main features of that to support QoS in a WLAN system are considered. The performance of distributed and centralized coordination functions are analyzed and compared for a certain scenario using NS-2 network simulator. This simulator is a powerful tool but it does not support analysis of the obtained results. Of special interest in this work is a Voice over WLAN scenario based on centralized and distributed coordination function. The main goal is to show the performance and capabilities of 802.11e under different situations e.g. different load and traffic.

Subject area IEEE 802.11e WLAN, Voice over WLAN, QoS
Type of work 50% Theory, 50% Software (NS-2)
Student Jonathan Gysel
Supervisors Dr. Azadeh Ettefagh, Dr. Marc Kuhn
Professor Prof. Dr. Armin Wittneben