Past Diploma / Master Theses & Semester Projects

Title Supervisor Student Project
Network Localization of Big and Cooperative Magneto-Inductive Sensors Swarms (FS 2020) Henry Schulten, Dr. Gregor Dumphart Antonios Koskinas Master Project 2020
Magneto-Inductive Posture Detection using Passive Tags Henry Schulten, Bharat Bhatia Florian Wernli Master Project 2020
Massive MIMO Communication with Very Compact Arrays Dr. Gregor Dumphart, Bharat Bhatia Michael Karpf Semester Project 2020
UWB Measurements for Human Posture Capturing Robert Heyn Joel Küchler, Roman Kunz, Oliver Stadler Bachelor Group Project 2020
Magneto-Inductive Localization: Passive RFID localization with auxiliary nodes Henry Schulten Vincent Wüst Semester Project 2019
Analyzing and Improving the Association of Multipath Components in Ultra-Wideband Inter-Node Distance Estimation Dr. Gregor Dumphart, Robert Heyn Robin Kramer Semester Project 2019
Performance Evaluation of Inter-Node Distance Estimation from Ultra-Wideband Measurements of Multipath Delays Dr. Gregor Dumphart, Robert Heyn Ninad Chitnis Semester Project 2019
Calibration and Evaluation of a Magnetic-Field-Based 3D Localization System Dr. Gregor Dumphart, Henry Schulten, Christoph Sulser Bharat Bhatia Master Project 2018
Cooperative Brodcasting for Tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Marc Kuhn, Dr. Tim Rüegg David Schmutz Master Project 2018
Development of a Near-Field 3D Localization System Prototype Dr. Gregor Dumphart, Christoph Sulser Manisha De Semester Project 2018
Dimensionality Reduction and Phase Recovery for Magnetic Near-Field Localization Algorithms Dr. Gregor Dumphart Bharat Bhatia Semester Project 2017
Magneto-Inductive Wireless Networks: Active and Passive Cooperation for Channel-Aware Transmission Dr. Gregor Dumphart Bertold Bitachon Master Project 2017
Inter-User Distance Estimation based on Channel Impulse Responses for Indoor Localization Dr. Gregor Dumphart, Dr. Marc Kuhn Malte Göller Master Project 2017
Improving the Accuracy of Bluetooth Low Energy Based Localization and User Tracking by Side Information Dr. Marc Kuhn, Dr. Gregor Dumphart Janick Zwyssig Master Project 2017
Temporal Filtering for Bluetooth Low Energy Based Location Estimation and User Tracking Dr. Marc Kuhn, Dr. Gregor Dumphart Henry Schulten Master Project 2017
Pattern Synthesis for Long-Haul Virtual MIMO Arrays in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Dr. Tim Rüegg David Schmutz Semester Project 2017
Robust Leakage Based Beamforming for User Coorperation Enabled Traffic Offloading in Urban Hotspots Dr. Tim Rüegg Bertold Bitachon Semester Project 2016
ISI-free Load Modulation with RRC Pulses for Passive Near-Field Tags Dr. Gregor Dumphart Henry Schulten Semester Project 2016
Distance Distribution for Performance Approximation in Dense Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Dr. Tim Rüegg Filippo Gentile Master Project 2016
Quantize & Forwarding in the Downlink of User Cooperation Enabled Traffic Offloading Dr. Tim Rüegg Mirko Selber Semester Project 2016
Bluetooth Low Energy Based Wireless Access Control and User Localization Christoph Sulser,
Dr. Marc Kuhn
Marc Müller Master Project 2015
User Cooperation Concepts for Traffic Hotspots in Wireless Networks Dr. Tim Rüegg Daniel Gilgen Master Project 2015
Long Range Communications for Post-Cellular Networks Dr. Raphael Rolny,
Dr. Tim Rüegg
Salome Mannale Master Project 2015
The Use of Passive Relays For Interference Management in Dense Networks Dr. Yahia Hassan Benrhard Gahr Master Project 2015
Real-time UWB based human motion tracking demonstrator Dr. Zemene Walle Mekonnen Benrhard Gahr Semester Project 2015
Distributed Cooperation and Relaying in Post-Cellular Networks Dr. Raphael Rolny Fabio Marti Master Project 2015
Optimization of Power Allocation in a MU-MIMO System with Different Receivers Dr. Yahia Hassan Marc Müller Semester Project 2014
Matching Network Design for Compact MIMO Systems: The Use of Simple Connections Dr. Yahia Hassan Monica Graf Semester Project 2014
SINR Statistics for Compact MIMO Receiver Dr. Yahia Hassan Ka Kei Yeung Semester Project 2014
Power Control and Distributed Beamforming for the Relay Carpet Dr. Raphael Rolny Celestine Dünner Semester Project 2013
UWB based localization for marine engine telemetry applications Dr. Zemene Walle Mekonnen, Georg Hauzenberger Blake Byerly Semester Project 2013
Fundamental Aspects of Communication and Cooperation Among Inductively Coupled Sensors Dr. Eric Slottke Erik Malmberg Semester Project 2013
Localization of asynchronous agents under NLOS conditions: Application to UWB based human motion tracking Dr. Zemene Walle Mekonnen Fabio Heer Master Project 2013
Implementation of FPGA based multi-channel UWB receiver with smart correlation Dr. Zemene Walle Mekonnen Marco Eppenberger Semester Project 2013
Distributed Beamforming in Cellular Networks Dr. Raphael Rolny, Dr. Aditya Amah Nikolaos Kolomvakis Master Project 2012
State-space estimation techniques for a robust UWB based human motion tracking Dr. Zemene Walle Mekonnen Santhiago A. Vieira Master Project 2012
Simulation tool for UWB based human motion tracking system Dr. Zemene Walle Mekonnen Claudia Meder Semester Project 2012
Impact of Imperfections on Cooperative Communication in Future Cellular Networks Dr. Raphael Rolny Petra Tanaskovic Master Project 2012
Evaluation of Localization Methods in the Context of Small Scale Sensor Networks Dr. Eric Slottke Simone Baffelli Semester Project 2012
Distributed Computation Ability of Random Small Scale Wireless Networks Dr. Eric Slottke Ismail Celebi Semester Project 2012
UWB Radar Imaging Based Human Movement Analysis and Posture Detection Dr. Heinrich Luecken Tim Rüegg Master Project 2012
Wireless UWB Sensors for Marine Engine Telemetry Dr. Heinrich Luecken, Dr. Eric Slottke Georg Hauzenberger Master Project 2012
Simulation Tool for Next Generation Cellular Networks Dr. Raphael Rolny Benjamin Weber Semester Project 2011
UWB Time-of-Arrival Estimation for Constrained BAN Node Positioning Dr. Eric Slottke Nikolaos Kolomvakis Semester Project 2011
Relaying in Multiuser Multihop Networks Dr. Jörg Wagner Andreas Marcaletti Semester Project 2011
Simulation Tool for Next Generation Cellular Networks Dr. Raphael Rolny Benjamin Weber Semester Project 2011
Relaying in Multiuser Multihop Networks Dr. Jörg Wagner Tim Rüegg Semester Project 2011
Design Considerations for Radio Controls in Orienteering Dr. Raphael Rolny Martin Zoller Semester Project 2010
UWB Based Human Motion Tracking Simulator Dr. Zemene Walle Mekonnen Santhiago Alves Vieira Semester Project 2010


Adaptive Bit Loading and Power Loading for Cellular Two Way Relaying Systems    
Leaky Feeder Transmission    
Spectrally Efficient Protocols for Two-Way Relaying    
Coding Techniques for Multicasting    
A UWB front-end based on off-the-shelf components        
Implementation and Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive Filter for a Low-complexity UWB receiver    
Neural Network based UWB Geo-Regioning    
Over the Air Demonstrator of an Ultra-Wideband WBAN Modem Design        
Technical System Specification to RFID-Enable the Central Baggage Sorting Facility at Zurich Airport    
Efficient Multiple-Access Scheme in Dense RFID Systems using Pseudo-Random Sequences    
Improving Mobile Network Benchmarking using Physical Layer Indicators      
Efficient Bit Allocation Scheme for Precoded MIMO BICM-OFDM Systems    
Multiple Access Schemes for Tag Estimation and Identification in Dense RFID Networks    
Channel Estimation for the IEEE 802.11n WLAN Systems    
MAC schemes for two-way relaying in IEEE 802.11 WLANs    
Synchronization in Distributed Wireless Networks      
Creating Diversity with Precoding for IEEE 802.11a based MIMO-OFDM Systems    
Basic Evaluation of IEEE 802.11e to Support Quality of Service    
Channel Update Scheme for MIMO-OFDM System with Time Domain Precoder    
Real Time Localization Demonstrator    
Time Domain Signal Processing for Broadband Cooperative Relaying    
Imperfect Channel State Information in Cooperative Relaying Links    
Distributed Spatial Multiplexing in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks    
Synchronization Methods for Simple UWB Receiver Structures      
Simple Channel Model for UWB Body Area Networks      
Analysis and Implementation of Multipath Delay Estimation Using Matrix Pencil      
FPGA: Design and Implementation of a Space-Time Decoder    
Synchronization for IEEE 802.11a based MIMO-OFDM Systems    
Space-Time Receivers for Relay-Assisted Wireless MIMO Channels      
Investigation and modeling of narrowband interference on UWB      
Impact of Partial Channel Knowledge on the Performance of Concatenated Linear Space Time Codes      
Propagation of UWB Signals on the Human Body      
Space-Time Coded OFDM      
Impact of Cooperative Relay Networks on Low-Rank MIMO Channels      
Sphere Decoding for Multiple Antenna Systems    
Lokalisierung in Funknetzwerken mittels Laserscanner    
A WLAN access point development platform running under Linux      
Combination of Space-Time Codes with Forward Error Correction (FEC)    
PLC enhanced 802.11b Access Points  
Performance Evaluation of a Powerline/IEEE 802.11 Multihop Ad Hoc Network  
Impact of Partial Channel State Information on Time-Domain Precoding for MIMO-OFDM      
Channel Estimation for Cooperative Relay-Assisted MIMO Channels    
Train-to-Ground Radio Propagation Channel      
24 GHz MIMO Channel Measurements for Indoor Environments    
Temporal Cognitive MAC for Ultra Wideband (UWB) Communication    

= main field of activity
= auxiliary field of acitvity
SW: Software
HW: Hardware
SI: Simulation
TA: Theory and Algorithms
MS: Measurement and System Integration

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